How can you offer a $299 computer?

Easily the question we hear most often, we have worked hard to bring our entry level system down to the $299 price point.  By establishing close relationships with several partners, we are able to maintain low component prices which, when combined with our proprietary manufacturing process, allows us to keep our prices as low as possible.

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Why offer a $299 computer?

According to various research firms, anywhere between 45% and 55% of US households still do not own a computer.  We feel strongly that everyone in America deserves to own a computer, and by reducing the price to an industry-leading $299, we're able to offer computers to more households that previously couldn't afford one.

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What sort of warranty does WEBzter come with?

All WEBzter computers come with a one year parts & labor warranty and 14 days of technical support.  Additionally, all computers can be upgraded to a 3 year onsite warranty with unlimited 7x24 support for just $49.95.

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How much does shipping cost?

Shipping on WEBzter units is $75 for the computer and an additional $20 if you order a monitor.  These costs not only cover the UPS fees, but also cover the packaging material, packaging labor costs, shipping materials and shipping insurance.

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When will I receive my WEBzter?

Due to an overwhelming national demand, is estimating production times for pre-orders at 3 weeks from May 1. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and we appreciate your patience. All units pre-ordered are expected to be shipped by that date.

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Who makes the components in the WEBzter?

One of the ways that we are able to maintain our industry-leading low prices is by purchasing components based on quality and price, rather than  brand name.  Because of this, we do not guarantee the brand name of our components.  However, be assured that all of the components that go into a WEBzter must first pass a rigourous quality assurance process before being used.

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How can I pay for WEBzter?

Currently, we accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover as forms of payment.  When phone orders begin April 19th, you will also be able to pay with a personal check, money order or Cashier's check.

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Do you have any financing plans for WEBzter?

We currently do not offer financing for WEBzter, though we may add this in the future.

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Is WEBzter Y2K Compliant?

All WEBzter systems come with a Y2K compliancy guarantee on the computer hardware.  Y2K issues related to software, such as Windows 98, are the respective responsibilities of their manufacturers.

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Can I upgrade my WEBzter computer?

All WEBzter computers utilize open architecture components, rather than proprietary components as some of our competitors do.  This allows you the flexibility to upgrade components as you need to, rather than being forced to purchase an entire system just to get a better video card.  Please note, however, that problems caused as a result of a system upgrade will not be covered under the WEBzter warranty.

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